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an author who has taken a series of unconventional pathways to transform complex trauma

Her choices have led to encounters with magical people and directions to visit exact locations – in the psyche, this world and the spirit realms.

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One woman’s investigation into her dorsal vagal shutdown using ancestral trauma experiences and inner child work, to become fully alive.

There is a subtle change in resonance as a person enters into an old trauma pattern. Some can sense it but not all.

Jenny can hear the energetic points within a person’s story. Perhaps she was born this way or it was the result of childhood trauma or from the years of listening to client stories or maybe it comes from her shamanic practice.


Home clearance & harmonisation

Do certain rooms in your home or place of work make you feel at ease or uncomfortable?
Have you suffered from a traumatic event – maybe an accident, illness, chronic pain or prolonged stress – and become more sensitive to your surroundings? Or do you wonder if something in your environment contributes to your arthritis or cancer?

Dowsing is a technique used to search for ‘invisible’ influences. It can help to identify the key environmental elements behind feelings of comfort and distress. I dowse using a checklist of factors known to cause balance and imbalance. My work is based on the provision of a ground floor map and feedback given via a brief report or 10-minute booked call.

Lineage clearance & harmonisation

Have you completed genealogical research on your family tree? Do you have a question for an ancestor? Are you concerned certain patterns – trauma, illnesses, traits – may be inter-generational? Would you like to track one particular ancestor to gain further insight into their story?

The runes can give us the basic details of your ancestor’s story – the beginning, middle and end. They can help to find a  rapped emotive experience and tell us in which level of consciousness or aura it is located.

I dowse using the runes to identify the likely source of an ancestral trauma and story. My work is based on the provision of a genealogical chart and feedback given via a brief report or 10-minute booked call.


Dowsing is a type of divination. Some people use dowsing rods or a simple pendulum whilst others prefer tarot cards, the runes, crystal balls … It is generally considered the dowsing implement responds to the user’s accidental or involuntary movements and unconscious thoughts.

A dowser is someone who has the ability to surrender their ego or let go. Dowsers are often considered to enter a trance like state. Some have other psychic abilities.


Mentoring evokes words like relationship based, patronage, influence, advice, mutual respect,
reciprocal, supportive, low key, shared goals, re-framing, a friend, your path not mine, solution-
focused, trust, motivation, open communication and all judgements left at the door. It is an altogether softer beast than coaching.

A mentor is someone who teaches or gives advice to a less experienced person. The content and style are based around the individual and their needs.


Healing is defined as the ‘process of making or becoming sound or healthy again’. People are
often drawn to a particular healer through a shared resonance or vibration. They may come for
healing after a relationship breakdown, period of intense stress or traumatic experience whatever the reason, there is usually a similar experience in both their backgrounds.

Can you remember when you last felt happiness or joy?

More About the Author

Do you have a personal interest in the collective nervous system? Jenny writes true accounts of her fascinating experiences in the individual, ancestral, and collective trauma landscape. A track record of ‘lived’ casework and field trips allows her a unique perspective.

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