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  • I felt sure the old woman had once lived within the four walls of my cottage, and that her feet had trodden the same flagstone floors I now stood upon. That day, she was merely going about her daily chores as if she still lived here. But was she friend or foe? She could be a disincarnate spirit who wished to express herself through influencing, obsessing on or possessing another human being. Someone who had left this world in a confused state – maybe because of trauma or an accident – and was unaware of her transition, unconscious of passing into another way of being. Or perhaps she was the type of spirit who could act as my guide or protector. An ally living in the other worlds. 

    Somehow, I had entered a mysterious web of re-experienced patterns woven from the past. But how could this be? 

  • Later, the sound of Tim’s gentle voice guided me to the background of rhythmic drumbeats. As I entered a shamanic trance or a receptive state where I could access sensory metaphors, I saw a reclining panda with a protruding belly dressed in a tiara adorned with long veils, nets or gauze. This animal means peace and gentle strength. However, its shadow side involves trying to help too many people, doing too many things at once, being overly sensitive and easily stressed. The panda has an unstoppable determination and can provide powerful support that is until it becomes overwhelmed and exhausted. It all sounded familiar. This panda had come in to help me, as a sick child, to gain acceptance and heal a trauma. Now it was no longer necessary and had become counterproductive. It needed to be removed.

  • It was the first anniversary of Kevin’s passing and I had asked Chrysoula and her young cousin Thodwris to be at a church – any church – at noon, to light this candle. Twelve o’clock midday was the time they turned Kevin’s hospital machines off. We drove up to the remote Greek church of Agioi Anargyroi with only a few minutes to spare. Set high above the Monemvasia shoreline and tucked into a perpendicular rock face, this little church is famous for two healers, the Holy Apostles, who were sainted for the miracles they performed and for curing the incurable without profit. It seemed appropriate.

  • Over the years we have written a number of magazine articles. These are the references for them.