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  • On 1st May, Celtic May Day or Beltane a sacred marriage takes place. The night of the Greenwood Marriage is a celebration of the coming together of the masculine and feminine creative energies. It is the first day of summer, a time for love and surrender and for joy and happiness.

  • For me, this festival signifies a time of destructive forces - sudden or catalysing change, like a bolt of lightning which breaks through obstacles and leads to an alteration in our methods, thinking and ways of being. We can undergo massive life changes. It is the time of year when we sacrifice our outer lives for the inner journey when the doorway to other realms is opening.

  • The Blackthorn is a deciduous plant, often seen used in hedgerows, but occasionally allowed to grow into a tree. It is noticeable in at this time year for its almost black branches, stems and considerable thorns, no leafs but studded all over with the potential of white flowers. It is most certainly for me the plant of the spring equinox.

  • Way back in 2014, or I think it was then, I attended my first writing course. It was with Claire Gillman, the editor of Kindred Spirit. Claire helped me to move from writing client assessment reports and funding submissions into creative writing. She was such a lovely teacher.

  • With luck, at Lake Titicaca you might begin to experience pleasure, or a cleansing[1] to assist with that process. Pleasure is processed in the limbic system which in turn is influence by our early nurturing experiences. It manifests itself as anxiety in the cardiac and diaphragmatic region if not experienced as excitation in the genitals[2]. Psychological blockages or addictions are a brain in the throes of strong emotion.

  • It is up here, you learn how to connect with the resting place of Kundalini energy (the polaric currents in our bodies, a geographic location, the Earth or Cosmos) and the wisdom of the instinctual realm (nature).

  • Certain places in nature have the capacity to help humans enter an altered state of awareness or impart powerful medicine. It is a common pattern in transcendental experiences to be drawn to a place as if guided. If we surrender to this magnetic pull, something ‘triggers’ our mindset into a new or expanded dimension or consciousness in which normal time-space references cease to exist. Enchanted Beings. A note on Power Places.

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