Archive of: Endorsements

  • I find this book literally spell binding. I’m truly enthralled! It’s more of a poem in a way. Each paragraph is multi-layered with the images and feelings and what’s left in the unsaid. I am almost crying! I want to buy ten to give to my friends.

  • If you are curious or beleaguered in life this book is a pick-you-up of inspiration. Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and sit by the fire of the heart-warming individuals who each give you a glimpse of their life in full colour. Each character invites a different view of nature and their diverse backgrounds and working ways introduce you to a variety of esoteric practices. Enchanted Beings is a great taster for people who dare to explore their personal reaches and edges.

  • A fascinating travel book taking you to many spiritually significant locations in South and Central America. The shaman, Apu, proves to be an inspirational guide explaining his Andean philosophy and heart-based healing methods on route. Like ‘tapping’ this journey has the ability to alter your DNA and realign your experiences to manifest a different reality. An incredible adventure into the world of healing and spirituality. Karl Dawson. EFT Founding Master, Creator of Matrix Reimprinting, Hay House Author.