Archive of: Testimonials

  • During the day these two sages pulled back the veil and introduced me to a mystical other world that was living and breathing, alongside ours. It was as if some part of me took flight and went head long into the mysteries. I began to understand for issues like a heart break a pilgrimage to Leo was beneficial whilst money troubles can be alleviated by a visit to Taurus.

  • We shortly reached an unusual grove of three yew trees. Directly in the centre is an oak tree that stands tall and straight, seeming to gather the energy of the surroundings yews and direct it above and below in a powerful vortex. After offering herbs to each of the trees, I nestled in to one of the wrinkly yews and instantly became acutely aware of the discomfort in my stomach.

  • We’re with the herd now. We’re encouraged to follow our intuition, to go up to them if we want or just observe and let them come to us. I want them to come to me. I want attention and to be liked. After some while a small bay coloured scruffy looking pony comes up and bites my skirt pulling it upward. I’m reminded of a time when I’m about eight.

  • Born right on the cusp on Libra and Scorpio I was excited to tour the points of Libra, also known as the Dove, on the Glastonbury Zodiac.