• Nick Barlay’s one day course, in London was fabulous and not only that I got to meet the delightful Michael.

  • The body of lore surrounding the Wild Hunt connects it with the underworld including ghostly characters such as King Arthur and Gwyn ap Nudd (said to live under Glastonbury Tor) and dogs and horses, both animals which have an association with death. Even seeing the Wild Hunt was thought to presage a catastrophe, death or abduction (to the underworld).

  • If you are curious or beleaguered in life this book is a pick-you-up of inspiration. Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and sit by the fire of the heart-warming individuals who each give you a glimpse of their life in full colour. Each character invites a different view of nature and their diverse backgrounds and working ways introduce you to a variety of esoteric practices. Enchanted Beings is a great taster for people who dare to explore their personal reaches and edges.

  • In the olden days, at the festival of Imbolc, a female image or ‘Bride’ was fashioned from a sheaf of wheat. She was taken from house to house to gather offerings - shells, crystals or flowers - then to the men for them to pay homage, before being placed in a bed or cradle with a wand made of a sacred feminine wood.

  • Over the years we have written a number of magazine articles. These are the references for them.

  • Around these parts a lot of people go to Glastonbury Tor to greet the Summer Solstice. It was Burrow Mump which called me, and Livvy Adams, however. Burrow Mump is one of a line of hills dedicated to St Michael, that mark the Great Dragon or Ley line stretching from St Michael’s mount off Cornwall. From the top, weather permitting, you can see the pyramid-shaped Tor, and imagine all the people up there.

  • Enchanted Beings book launch on Friday 25th May, 5.30 - 7pm at Labyrinth Books, Glastonbury. Meet the author and contributing practitioners. We would love you to join us.

  • During the day these two sages pulled back the veil and introduced me to a mystical other world that was living and breathing, alongside ours. It was as if some part of me took flight and went head long into the mysteries. I began to understand for issues like a heart break a pilgrimage to Leo was beneficial whilst money troubles can be alleviated by a visit to Taurus.

  • Tales of love, sexual initiation and sovereignty lie at the heart of Imbolc. Birds are meant to find their mates on Valentine’s Day. There is the mythical swan maiden with her garment of swan feathers who is transformed into a wife. A traditional symbol of beauty and grace people believed the swan sang a sweet and beautiful song when people (or perhaps parts of a person’s psyche) died - the swan song.

  • We shortly reached an unusual grove of three yew trees. Directly in the centre is an oak tree that stands tall and straight, seeming to gather the energy of the surroundings yews and direct it above and below in a powerful vortex. After offering herbs to each of the trees, I nestled in to one of the wrinkly yews and instantly became acutely aware of the discomfort in my stomach.

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