Two White Feathers

by Jenny Chapman Endorsements

Two White Feathers and a Handful of Rocks

A fascinating travel book taking you to many spiritually significant locations in South and Central America. The shaman, Apu, proves to be an inspirational guide explaining his Andean philosophy and heart-based healing methods on route. Like ‘tapping’ this journey has the ability to alter your DNA and realign your experiences to manifest a different reality. An incredible adventure into the world of healing and spirituality. Karl Dawson. EFT Founding Master, Creator of Matrix Reimprinting, Hay House Author.

A beautiful book which I couldn’t put down. As with the teachings at Shamanka, Jenny writes about practical ways to transform and heal our lives and that of the Earth. With simple explanations of indigenous healing methods, descriptions of sacred sites and life on the road she sets the scene for our transition into the divine feminine. Jenny’s enchanting journey enfolds as she listens to the intelligence of her heart. Eliana Harvey. Establisher of Shamanka, traditional school of women’s shamanism.