Straddled on the cusp!

by Jenny Chapman Testimonials

Born right on the cusp on Libra and Scorpio I was excited to tour the points of Libra, also known as the Dove, on the Glastonbury Zodiac.

Collecting the last of our four passengers in Street we headed off to Baltonsborough Flights. A quick stop at a farmers shop for sustenance, directions and to don our hiking boots and we were off down a lane onto the moors.

It was a typical October day in Somerset. Clouds scuttled across the sky driven my brisk winds, the sun warmed our backs when it could and rain was never too far from our thoughts. We were an interesting bunch, each nursing an ache or injury that made scrambling over the gates or under the fences a rather hilarious endeavor. Indeed at one such obstacle we feared we were going to be leaving one of our party straddled over the stile in a compromising position forever! Strategic team work prevailed however and we intrepid explorers were on our way again.

I saw a hare hurrying off on an urgent errand and later learned that seeing a hare symbolizes a need to recognize the signs around us; it can help us attune to the lunar cycle and the tides of movement within our lives.

When we reached the flights I was enthralled by the patterns in the water. Whether it was scum or simply the pressure of water frothing I didn’t know but I saw a dragon and other shapes appear and disappear.

Back in the car we drove to the church at Barton St David. This church is known for its octagonal tower and probably dates back to the 12th century. We had the place to ourselves and enjoyed sitting in the peaceful energy of the choir stalls for a while. David read us a prayer and after some quiet reflection our talk turned to horoscopes and sun signs. I was given an impromptu, and highly accurate, reading of my Libra traits and journey this lifetime around relationships.

Jenny and I searched the graveyard for an aunt and uncle who passed over a few years ago and shared some childhood memories when we found them.

And then it was off to the Holy Well at Edington. With magnificent views of the moors to our left and Glastonbury Tor forever accompanying us on the right we drove through Ashcott to our final destination.

The well is in poor repair now but the low stone walls allowed us to sit and contemplate. It was a time to feel into the moment and meditate. Afterwards we shared any visions, thoughts or sensations that had risen for us before bundling back into the car filled with the feelings of time spent in fellowship and an inner calling to times lived long ago.

Gilly - Vancouver Island, Canada