The land of my ancestors

by Jenny Chapman Testimonials

My ‘first trip to the UK to study activism through storytelling with master mythologist Martin Shaw was infused with a blend of fear and excitement that had me barely touching the ground. It was a ‘ridiculous’ undertaking given that I had been disabled for a year and a half with an extreme case of tendonitis and living on a stingy pension.

Somehow, the money came and I set out on a spirit guided adventure. I was looking for the land[1] of my ancestors and a catalyst to help me to deliver my contribution to this planet. I felt compelled to investigate whatever may or may not wait me.

It was on that course in Dartmoor that I met Jenny Chapman. There she sat on a bench near a fire ring, a twinkly blue eyed woman with a slightly mischievous all knowing smile. I was instantly drawn to her. How was I to know that meeting would mark the beginning of a tidal wave, a sea change in my life.

Jenny invited me to walk part of the Glastonbury Zodiac with her and cunning man, David. I was soon to realise they held the key to what I had been looking for. The theme of my life’s quest. How does a domesticated, linear person return to pattern thinking?

Throughout my life I had idolised cultures who still had their language intact. Peoples who can identify animals by the smell of their urine from 60 yards or can hear plants sing in 17 different keys under the full moon or Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell who identified the need for a myth to encompass the whole.

Jenny collected me from the bus station and laid out a plan for the following day. We were to meet David - a herbalist, teacher and psychotherapist and master psychic. First, he gave me a free reading which was incredibly accurate. Exciting things are install for me. On completion of the tarot he received a message for my granddaughter from the spirit of great bear.

Jenny and David explained to me that in the hills, valleys and water ways of the Glastonbury Zodiac the land is sculpted into designs that replicate the heavenly constellations. We visited Taurus which is shaped like a bull’s head. Across the valley were two hills which depicted the Gemini twins.

During the day these two sages pulled back the veil and introduced me to a mystical other world that was living and breathing, alongside ours. It was as if some part of me took flight and went head long into the mysteries. I began to understand for issues like a heart break a pilgrimage to Leo was beneficial whilst money troubles can be alleviated by a visit to Taurus.

Whilst walking the medicinal, poisonous and edible plants and how to concoct tinctures, balms and potions for different ailments were pointed out. I know quite a bit of that knowledge but was impressed David could refer back to plant based pharmaceuticals and used Wicca based instinctual understandings. He could communicate directly with the plant spirits themselves.

Jenny meanwhile was reiterating the importance of actually walking on the earth - movement. I linked it with how the Native Americans back home dance on the earth for different purposes and seasons in the belief that the drumming of their footfalls send a type of message. As she walked flower seeds, to honour the old Roman Floralia Festival, were sown to please the bees and aid pollination. 

Cal - California, USA

[1] Land that held what Rupert Sheldrake calls the morphic resonance of the memory of my ancient relatives.