Enchanted Beings

by Jenny Chapman Endorsements

I love this book and the wonderful people featured within. Enchanted Beings allows you to look at the world from a different viewpoint and to really connect with and be in nature. As a result of being chosen as one of the practitioners, I was privileged to work with Taiga Forest, who came to do a ceremony on the land where I keep the horses - to cleanse and clear any negative vibrations. It was very powerful and resonated on so many levels, balance was restored and the herd continue to live there joyously. I was also fortunate to have help from David, another person featured in the book, who shared a magical spell to assist with a personal issue I had been having in my life. Thanks to his wisdom that issue has now resolved. Thank you, Jenny for this magical book, and the magical people within.

Livvy Adams – PaintedHorse, UK

I found Jenny’s Enchanted Beings so readable, that the first time I picked it up, I finished it in the same sitting. Each chapter relates to a Pagan festival and introduces a different fascinating teacher who Jenny has worked closely with. I’ve found myself, over the years since, revisiting certain chapters about the individuals who particularly intrigued me. It also provides a great background reference on pagan calendar and rituals and Celtic traditions which I often refer to.

Amanda Holden - UK

“Enchanted beings” is a wander through the inner gathering of friends that have enhanced the life’s journey of the Author. The stories of this collective of colourful characters, each with their own intriguing view and relationship with life and love, are like a dance or personal patchwork.

If you are curious or beleaguered in life this book is a pick-you-up of inspiration. Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and sit by the fire of the heart-warming individuals who each give you a glimpse of their life in full colour. Each character invites a different view of nature and their diverse backgrounds and working ways introduce you to a variety of esoteric practices. Enchanted Beings is a great taster for people who dare to explore their personal reaches and edges.

Taiga Forest - UK

This book is a magical weaving of story, inspiration and information that truly nourishes the spirit that yearns to connect deeper with nature’s rhythms and the ways of our indigenous past. By exploring the Wheel of the Year through the lens of 8 different personalities the reader is invited to explore the variety of ways to practice and honour the seasonal celebrations. It feels like a permission slip to be truly yourself and create practices that resonates with you.

Being invited to share my story for this book was a real blessing that deepened my appreciation of what these seasonal shifts gift us as humans. We are reminded of our cyclical nature, our changing inner landscape and the journey we make through the light and the darkness. Gathering with the other practitioners to celebrate the book’s launch felt like a wonderful celebration of the diversity of nature and as we wove a prayer bundle together, I felt the power of intention and beauty of sharing a vision. This book was created with real heart, respect and integrity. The author’s openness and curiosity allows the reader to engage on their own terms and receive their own unique medicine from it.

Isla Macleod - UK