Poo Picking

by Jenny Chapman Diary

Livvy Adams has a number of volunteers to help with her healing herd of horses. One of my favourite activities is poo picking - I love it. As Livvy explained, when I got my initial training, it really is quite zen! Out there in the early morning with my wheelbarrow, sauntering around from one pile to another. The horses ambling up for a pat or to impart some message. What more could I ask for to start my day?

At times the scenery has been so magificent that its bought a tear to my eye. Or one horse has become an important piece in my personal jigsaw. Each tends to embody a different energy - joy, leadership, grief … - and as such embodies the issues you need to resolve. Even in this blustery winter weather, I am keen to do my four barrow loads and feel a wonderful sense of satisfaction when I have finished.    

Livvy can be contacted at https://paintedhorse.org.uk/