by Jenny Chapman Endorsements

I find this book literally spell binding. I’m truly enthralled! It’s more of a poem in a way. Each paragraph is multi-layered with the images and feelings and what’s left in the unsaid. I am almost crying! I want to buy ten to give to my friends. 

I am crying! Something is happening to me as I read this! It’s bringing the ancient past alive in the present and connecting sky and earth and multi-ethnic dimensions! You’re a genius. I’m reading slowly because I have to digest each sentence! Congratulations!

Cal Peacock - America

I am deep in your book. I love it!! Having a profound effect on me. Deep, is the only word that arises, gosh what a word!

Della Menday - UK

Really enjoying the book Jenny, finding it very honest and spiritually interesting, has so many facets, very good. 

Kelsang Tsondru - UK

The real-life sticky trail of childhood crisis and illness, leading to struggle, challenge, awareness, awakening.

Dancing through myth, magic, history with an unfathomable knowledge.

Set in the truly sensual geography of islands on an inland sea.

Present this for a movie, and consult.

Rob Chapman - Canada

Wonderful to hear you speak through your book Jenny. I experienced it as the completing of a circle, with a wise, steady, and knowing tone. I loved your descriptions of the storyteller’s attire in each chapter! A beautiful mingling of past and present, personal and general, just like in Two White Feathers. I had a very similar response when reading that book and this, thinking what an effective way of communicating this is, with one’s family let alone with strangers. A fleeting conversation over a cup of tea is one thing, but as you say, it’s hard to talk about bereavement or other deeper more personal matters sometimes. People don’t know how to go there, or don’t want to. But writing a book and handing it out… perfect. I feel that much more connected to you and to your life.

Mark Ovland - UK

So far, I am enthralled, my responsibilities tear me from its pages!  Having read it - It’s just delightful, delightful!

Taiga Forest - UK

When I first started reading Summerlands it was with a curious mind. Where it led me boggled that mind! As Jenny’s sister I discovered, when my memories of her illness surfaced, that a family energetic pattern had been established as each of us strove to cope and survive the near loss of our beloved Jenny. With each chapter my own shadow behaviours, and masks that I had hidden behind, rose to the surface to be acknowledged and released and I realized this enchanting book was pure gold and a path to wholeness.

I believe Summerlands contains a valuable message that is a part of the healing path of our planet as we journey towards a more balanced way of living.

Gilly Scadeng - Canada

I did so enjoy this book! I thought you handled a rich and multi-layered experience with brevity and dexterity. It was very much and honestly “about you”…but not about your ego; and so instead of the account reading like “navel gazing”, the reader’s experience was more expansive and more like star gazing. The skill of relating your journey to a cycle of mythological stories created a lovely balance between the personal and the transpersonal. 

Your narrative retained an air of the mysterious which was compelling, but also an apt evocation of the emergent nature of the inner work, realisation and healing. It appears from the “Mysts” of Avalon, quite literally. I liked the quirky changeability of the Storyteller’s appearance, chameleon-like. I sensed the delicacy and discretion with which you approached the description of all the personal relationships recorded, just enough detail for us to understand the dynamics without the strong emphasis that might evoke drama. I sensed you treading that path carefully, consciously and blamelessly.

You often display a beautiful turn of phrase that captures the nature of the landscape and the moments of awareness that illuminate our reality. That is because you sense the energy very, very finely indeed. It speaks of your apprenticeship to the realm of energy very highly.

Importantly for you I think your rendition attunes the reader to the experienced reality of a spiritual life in the material world. It is available for all of us if we choose to do pilgrimage in the land, and this land zodiac in particular; and if we choose to do pilgrimage in our everyday lives in general. The supports and signs are available for us, are readable in the web of life and in the codes of myth. The amazing grace is that our emotional life and our feeling senses can connect into this network of experience and find resonance there, harmonious synchronicities that hold meaning and peace. What a wonderful weaving of all these levels of perception Jenny!!

Rosemary Taylor - UK

Hi Jenny!! I just finished reading your book. I loved it, I felt on many occasions that I was walking with you on your sometimes hard, sad and difficult but wonderful journey. Jenny, I want to congratulate you for being so brave and looking for your truth, sometimes while reading I wished I could have been there. I know I couldn’t have changed anything, but just for moral support, anyway you did it on your own and didn’t need me for anything. I just felt like that. Let me tell you I read your book twice wanted to make sure I understood what you meant and what you were going through, it made me feel good, interested, happy, sad and some other feelings I cannot explain, but I enjoyed every moment of it. I’m sorry for your losses and happy for your joy. 

Thank you very much for sending it to me, makes me feel like going on my own journey of discovering my ancestry and understanding myself and why I am the way I am.

Pato Lawson - Australia

Thank you so much for your latest book. Quite remarkable. I have learnt so much, and the Glastonbury Zodiac was always so hazy, and I did not know what to feel or tune in to…. Big thanks for the lovely book and the best of luck with it. 

Your trilogy is a great achievement.

Eliana Harvey - UK

Was hoping to have finished your book before sending this, though not quite, its amazing. What a journey you’ve been on honey. I feel I’ve joined you along the way at times…

Susie Haslam - UK

I remain sincerely grateful for receiving the copy of ‘Summerlands’ - it’s a constant companion in my bag that has furnished my thoughts with deeply meaningful notions that you have written both eloquently and understandably.  I’ve even managed to read the introduction and some chapters of ‘Summerlands’ with my sister who’s I believe has benefitted from its wisdom. 

Michael Sagatis – UK