Planetary Stellium

by Jenny Chapman Diary

Did you join the local indigenous custodians (The Anangu People) and the Grandmothers with the Solar Plexus activation at Uluru? A time for the Tjukurpa Pulka, the Creation Lore, Creation Time Dreaming and the New Way Dreaming (Senoir Star Lore Elder, precious Grandmother and custodian of Uluru, Auntie Nelly Patterson). Uluru (Solar Plexus earth chakra) connects with Glastonbury (Heart earth chakra) and Lake Titicaca (Sacral earth chakra). 

The January 12th, 2020 conjunction of Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn - the planets of growth and abundance cojoined to the life lesson teacher - has led astrologers to predict a major shift in public consciousness and an entirely new Sociopolitical - Economic Paradigm. it will herald the start of ‘The Great Transformation’ occuring throughout the decade, 2020 - 2030. A breakthrough to ‘another side’.

This conjunction has only happened twice in the last 2,000 years - 1284 and 1717. The earliest has been linked to King Philip, fasely accusing all Templars of heresy, leading to their arrest throughout Europe, in 1312, which heralded the dark ages. The conjunction in 1717 has been linked to the Reformation.