Watkin's article - Re-balancing through symbols.

by Jenny Chapman Articles

An urn-shaped brass pendulum swung slowly. This time it was a circular action rather than the back and forth movement indicating a ‘no’ answer. As the pace increased, Tim and I looked at each other across the cluttered, skin-dressed table. ‘There’s a blockage in your crown chakra!’ An animal, bird or fish - each carries its own specific vibration or energy - had come to help and then got stuck and stayed for longer than needed. The problem and the solution concerned concealment and a ‘greyness’ – blending in and not being seen. I was searching for something elusive that wanted to remain hidden. ‘Remember fog and mist can be charged’, he told me conspiratorially.

Later, the sound of Tim’s gentle voice guided me to the background of rhythmic drumbeats. As I entered a shamanic trance or a receptive state where I could access sensory metaphors, I saw a reclining panda with a protruding belly dressed in a tiara adorned with long veils, nets or gauze. This animal means peace and gentle strength. However, its shadow side involves trying to help too many people, doing too many things at once, being overly sensitive and easily stressed. The panda has an unstoppable determination and can provide powerful support that is until it becomes overwhelmed and exhausted. It all sounded familiar. This panda had come in to help me, as a sick child, to gain acceptance and heal a trauma. Now it was no longer necessary and had become counterproductive. It needed to be removed.

What of the greyness, the blending in and hiding? Its costume, the tiara and veils, illustrated my Panda story. They represent a need for public recognition, a strong desire to obtain a wanted goal and to appear more attractive along with a warning that something is wrong in the realms of the heart. The unravelling of their mystery started with a healing herd of horses. Down on a Somerset farm as twelve horses grazed contentedly Logan, a gypsy horse, suddenly lifted his head and stepped forward to work with me. His guardian looked at me with a quizzical expression, ‘He suffers with Cushing’s Disease, a condition caused by having too much of the hormone cortisol in his body. This may have a personal message for you.’ As it turned out Logan embodied my physical problem.

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