Watkins article - A journey beyond time and into the world of dreams to gain powerful insight about past, present and future.

by Jenny Chapman Articles

The sensation was somewhat familiar. It was an eerie feeling of inhabiting a woman who does not belong to this century. In a moment, I had become short and humped over and was wearing a soiled apron. My face was heavily wrinkled. I experienced a sudden and overwhelming feeling of being an old lady, both in years on this earth and in the sense of being transported back in time. All I had done was to rise from my leather sofa and walk towards the wooden kitchen door. Then, I was her and she was me. The feeling was so intense and the embodiment so total that I felt scared, and wondered if I would have to live in her body forever. With that passing thought, I was back in my own. I felt sure the old woman had once lived within the four walls of my cottage, and that her feet had trodden the same flagstone floors I now stood upon. That day, she was merely going about her daily chores as if she still lived here. But was she friend or foe? She could be a disincarnate spirit who wished to express herself through influencing, obsessing on or possessing another human being. Someone who had left this world in a confused state – maybe because of trauma or an accident – and was unaware of her transition, unconscious of passing into another way of being. Or perhaps she was the type of spirit who could act as my guide or protector. An ally living in the other worlds. 

Somehow, I had entered a mysterious web of re-experienced patterns woven from the past. But how could this be? 

In mythology, the Norns – Urð, Verðandi and Skuld – or the Fates – Clotho, Lachesis and Atropos – represent the three aspects of time: past, present and future or ‘origins’, ‘becoming’ and ‘debt’. The great scientists and mystics tell us that there is no past, present or future and time is not linear and does not go in a straight line, but is cyclical and part of a process known as ‘dimensional circularity’. They explain that the past (unconscious, repressed memories from past lives) affects the present (flowering), and the future is just a probability. Some suggest we need to experience ‘time beyond time’, or be grounded in ‘what is’ to fully understand. Once immersed, each person experiences their own truth and can talk to their holistic self. They become part of an organised whole, which, like a gestalt, is perceived as more than the sum of its parts.  

The old lady was the precursor to a dream sequence. In the first, several letters came through the stout door of the old farmhouse where I was born and raised as a child. Standing in the wide, low-ceilinged hallway I watched as a large white envelope came through the letterbox, along with several smaller brown ones. The second dream found me calling Kevin, my late partner, on the phone. I heard the ringing tone loud and clear, but the call went unanswered. He was living in a convalescence home and yet perfectly well in mind, body and spirit. On the third and final night, I was shown where professional bodies – for solicitors, writers, artists, social workers – kept their business cards. When used, the seemingly endless supply could enable a smooth and successful entry into their different worlds.

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