Excerpts from Enchanted Beings

'I guess I don't have a set way of connecting. However, I always introduce myself first. I merge with the tree by just being with it.'... 'If I have my back to a tree, I can feel its rhythm through my spinal fluid. Aligning with it, I can plug into something.'

- Isla

'The runes are a tool which help you understand yourself and the spirit world. Runic energies connect with everything within us. The winter runes are Hagalaz (a period of disruption), Isa (stasis) and Jara (gradual change). Jara, associated with the Yule festival which is the winter solstice, follows after the ice of Isa.'

- Tim

'Weather work is purely instinctive for me. I am a tympanic synaesthete - meaning I feel vibration all the time, be it from people or the environment. It's like I'm a snare drum in the corner.'

- Forest

'Part of the womb work is to find our sacred knife. This entails a journey to Weyland Smithy along an ancient track which is part of the Ridgeway.' ... 'It is at a crossing of two major Ley lines on a slight hill with standing stones at the entrance to a cave or long earth burrow and a grove or circle of trees around the edge. There is a most magical feel about it.'

- Eliana

'The object embodies your intention. It is about re-enacting what you want, about creation. Magic is at the root of our modern drama. Fake it until you make it.'

- David

'Horses are masters of gestalt therapy. They make you live in the here and now and make you look at stuff you don't want to look at. They won't let you not look at it. They bring it up, sometimes by acting out your traumatic scenarios, and you work through it.'

- Livvy

'In the last moments of my father's passing I was - quite literally - called to sing with him' ... 'As we all watched in silent awe, I suddenly felt as if I was accompanying him beyond this world. It was like a birthing process in reverse.'

- Chloë

'When I go out to gather wild food or explore, I look at everything with a sense of joy and love. There's a smell that goes with every emotion, a bi-product. A blackberry loves being a blackberry. A skylark loves being a skylark. An oak tree loves being an oak tree. They are producing love.'

- Ffyona