Healing days, designed for practitioners to support each other and experience trauma-focused techniques. Offered by qualified practitioners.

Date & Time

13 December 2022

10:00am – 5:00pm

Date & Time

Nr South Petherton, Somerset

United Kingdom

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  • Event Price – Free

  • Places Available – 2

  • Email – enquiries@chapmanjenny.com

Intrusive spirits – maybe an aspect or fragment of the mind of a living person, earth-bound human entities or the unquiet dead, an organ transplant donor – require discovery and release from a host’s energy body. These spirits still have attachments that may concern possessions, family, unfinished business, fears, trauma (war/accident) and/or addictions.

‘There is a whole group of people lost in the ‘middle world’ who haven’t detached or still have attachments.’

Spirit attachment is often related to fragmentation which can result from dissociation. It is a protective mechanism, but people can end up feeling disconnected from themselves and the world around them.

‘The act of dissociation occurs just as the trauma is occurring and not afterward. The dissociated fragment (soul part) will feel itself to be of the age at which the trauma occurred.’

‘Dissociative disorders involve problems with memory, identity, emotion, perception, behaviour and sense of self.’

Traditional medicine does not have a lot to offer people who suffer with dissociation. Talking therapies need to be extended far beyond the normal NHS number of sessions, Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) has to be adjusted for trauma sufferers and there are no drugs that are licensed to treat dissociation. MIND

More successful therapies search for the roots of the traumatizing event beyond the reach of the conscious mind’s defenses – in the conscious and subconscious mind or trace the pathways provided by the subconscious mind through dreams or other non-ordinary states of consciousness.

Shamanic Techniques

Shamanic work can also offer:

Cutting of ties – Deals with unwanted attachments – former relationships along with entrenched habits or behaviours – by cutting the energetic ties so you can move on.

Extraction – Finds and removes objects embedded in your luminous field for example previous wounding seen by the psyche as axes, daggers and swords.

Journeying – Assistance to enter the shamanic worlds with the intent to find your spirit guide(s), answer a question or unearth the root of a problem.

Soul retrieval – Recovery of your lost soul parts due to traumatic life events. This work gives back a sense of identity and wholeness.