Jenny Chapman

Jenny Chapman

Chapter Three – Becoming and Beyond

The opening paragraph of chapter three in Becoming and Beyond describes the divination stage of a shamanic journey. A journey is conducted to access other realms of consciousness or levels of reality. Once there a person usually obtains higher guidance often through symbolic language which when interpreted reveals what the psyche is trying to keep hidden.

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Noon Cregg CIC – Veteran’s Retreat

Last summer, I visited Noon Cregg veteran’s retreat near Lamorna in Cornwall. I was entranced by Badger’s presence along with the stone cottage, low-impact, fully self sufficient retreat and Merry Maiden’s stone circle. You may ask me why? I am interested in different ways to work with trauma, complex trauma and PTSD.

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Meeting The Herd

Every Wednesday morning for the last nine months you could have found me picking up horse poo! That’s 36 trips or over 200 hours (voluntary work/travel time). It’s actually a Zen-like activity but you may well ask why? My friends at PaintedHorse – human and horse (dog, goat and sheep) – gave me the opportunity to...

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