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Enchanted Beings

The Journey So Far

Book Two

A set of practitioner interviews which investigate complex trauma by life-long rehabilitation counsellor Jenny Chapman, who benefits from their extraordinary immersive experiences to embody needful change.

‘Everything did change. Old wounds were revisited through carefully orchestrated, practitioner-supported healings, journeys and voice work. On my quest for knowledge I found answers to hidden problems, and sudden changes and closures occurred. It was not easy.’

This true account follows Jenny’s year following the pagan wheel of the year. It is the second step in her healing process and concerns what has to go for something better to manifest. Jenny worked as a rehabilitation counsellor assisting people with illness, injury and disability return to work yet, as it turned out this time would herald the start of a five-year hiatus in her paid employment. A year spent honouring the ancient festivals taught Jenny about endings and beginnings, natural timing and rhythms – the cycles of nature – and introduced her to magic.

Would a year spent with eight bards, hags, shrews, soothsayers, sorcerers, shaman and witches encourage her to practice invoking what needs to be called in, cast out or resolved? In this book you will find eight voices. They talk of their own embodiment experiences in the vain hope of being listened to.

This non-fiction set of interviews has been written with alternative practitioners – energy workers, shamanic practitioners, voice therapists and body workers – in mind although it may also be helpful to medical clinicians, professional therapists – psychologists, social workers, mental health nurses – and trauma specialists and other trauma survivors and their families. It talks to healing practices such as equine facilitated learning, sound healing and plant medicine.

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