Two White Feathers and a Handful of Rocks

The Journey So Far

Book One

‘As I looked on in amazement, one of the shamans knelt down in the stony river-bed, hands spread upwards to the Gods. Their energies combined. Apu lifted his master’s treasured sun disc from around his neck and offered it to Hetsua. The sunny skies parted and hail stones fell to the ground.’

Two White Feathers and a Handful of Rocks tells the gripping story of Jenny Chapman’s journey with a Peruvian shaman, Apu, to activate and unlock the code of the mysterious Earth chakra system.

‘The ancient American prophecies speak of a period of great transformation, and foretell a new type of human appearing on the planet – homo luminous – possessing wisdom and power and the ability to heal with one touch. Andean wisdom holds that we are in the period ‘when day breaks before the sun comes up and feminine energy takes full effect on planet Earth.’ Some speak of a 26,000 cycle of separation coming to an end, and the Andean tradition holds that every 500 years the Earth’s energies alter from masculine to feminine. What is clear is that we are entering a new era.’

Together they travel through South and Central America to unravel the ancient secrets of the Earth. Starting in Aconcagua, Argentina, the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas, and the seat of kundalini energy and new root chakra for the world, they finish with a sacred ceremony at Teotihuacan in Mexico.

Two White Feathers and a Handful of Rocks is an epic tale of healing and learning for the New Age. A must-read for world travellers and spiritual tourists alike.