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Two White Feathers and a Handful of Rocks

The Journey So Far

Book One

A beguiling travel narrative which investigates complex trauma, by life-long rehabilitation counsellor Jenny Chapman, who benefits from a Peruvian shaman’s diagnosis and commentary on her re-enactments.

‘That night, sat in our wooden cabin, Apu suddenly said, ‘When I look at you, I see someone who fluctuates between a beautiful and powerful woman and a young child.’ His brown eyes possessed an intense warmth and penetrating focus. “What do you feel? What do you want? What is your history?’

This true account follows Jenny’s pilgrimage through the South and Central American Earth chakra’s or ch’amas, with a Peruvian shaman. It is the first step in her healing process and concerns re-enactment and the use of action and example as teaching methods. Jenny’s training as a Shamanic Practitioner gave her skills in hands-on-healing, extraction, soul retrieval and past lives work yet, it turned out a childhood illness still dictated the way she conducted her life. The shaman’s teachings were rigorous, the terrain rugged and each Earth chakra concealed a lesson. Their three-month pilgrimage together required her to interpret signs in the landscape and travel for long hours, in only his company.

Would the shaman’s input and her experiences with the sacred drug Ayahuasca encourage her to explore beyond her initial shamanic training and deep into the world of energy medicine? In this travel book you will find a shaman’s voice which tries to communicate, with a small child. They both have a persistent voice which can not be ignored.

This non-fiction travel narrative has been written with other trauma survivors and their families in mind although it may also be helpful to alternative practitioners along with medical clinicians, professional therapists – psychologists, social workers, mental health nurses – and trauma specialists. It applies healing practices recommended by the Pukina Lineage.

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