I was raised on a Somerset farm, close to Glastonbury, and spent my childhood riding horses through country lanes. I was seriously ill as a small child but throughout my life, thought nothing of it. It took a Peruvian shaman to reveal my trauma symptoms with his talk of dissociation and re-enactments.

I became curious!

Both alternative healing and traditional therapeutic practices helped. Travelling around my psyche to the beat of a shaman’s drum took me on a hero’s journey. It was here I met the fairy story characters and cartoon figures, reminiscent of my early childhood. ‘Parts’ of me had continued to act as my two-year old self. A prolonged period ‘off my feet’ resulted in numbness and a nervous system which reacted like that of someone who had been abducted.

There was an unexpected outcome!

I learned the benefits of co-regulation as a sick child and became ‘psychically open’. Therapists tell me, ‘You process experiences very quickly!’ Now, my own attunement abilities help to transform frozen or stuck emotive experiences and trauma.

These days, after many years based in Australia, I live and work back in Somerset, England.

An old story ran my subconscious. It was a consequence of the past and left no space for a different future to open up.

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