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The Journey So Far

Book Three

A deeply personal story which investigates complex trauma by life-long rehabilitation counsellor Jenny Chapman, who uses myth and legend to navigate her grief-stricken psyche.

‘Beheading, like that of the Green Knight, is a time when severance enters our life – when the hypnotic trance of our conditioning is incised. It may force us to disengage with the cultural mores of the times, those ingrained in institutions like schools, prisons and hospitals. It may represent dismemberment by spirit guides, with the bones put into a boiling cauldron to be cleaned before they are put back together again, and the knight reborn.’

This true account follows Jenny’s year around the Glastonbury Zodiac. It is the third step in her healing process and concerns her psyche or the mysteries of King Arthur’s round table. Jenny’s professional rehabilitation work equipped her to hear the energetic points in a client’s story yet, she was unprepared for a narrative of grief and death in her own life. This year spent with a cunning man, taught her about the initiate’s circuit and how to communicate with the dead via living energy portals in the landscape.

Would a year spent navigating each astrological sign help her to understand what our life (on Earth) is all about? In this story you will find Graham’s voice – one that is never silenced. His is an all-pervading communication until Angela learns to listen, for herself.

This non-fiction story has been written with storytellers, mythologists and counsellors in mind although it may also be helpful to medical clinicians, professional therapists – psychologists, social workers, mental health nurses – and trauma specialists along with alternative therapists and other trauma survivors and their families. It talks to healing practices such as astrology and narrative therapy.

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