The Journey So Far

Book Three

In the final instalment of her well-received Two White Feathers trilogy, Jenny Chapman describes a personal journey around the landscape of the Glastonbury Zodiac. Starting at the Girt Dog of Langport and reaching to Burrow Mump, she immerses herself in each of the astrological signs and their giant effigies imprinted on the Somerset landscape. The resulting story is a fascinating insight into how to heal childhood trauma and grief, and the need to move beyond them and communicate with the spirit worlds.

As she attempts to unravel the mysteries of King Arthur’s round table and her own psyche, Jenny encounters the Underworld where lie the demons of her past. It takes the guidance of an enigmatic storyteller to lead her through to new knowledge and wisdom – encountering the Tuatha Dé Danann, an ancient fairy race, the Irish sea-God Manannán mac Lir, the Cetus whale and Merlin’s dragons. Dogged by her alter-ego Angela, she reckons with her feelings for the mystical Graham.

Jenny uses story, myth and legend to vividly communicate each step of her journey. The introduction records her lived experience between 21st August 2017 and 2nd July 2019, whilst the story itself details each step in her physical and spiritual progress. The book closes with a set of notes that describe her learnings on the Arthurian Legends, Consciousness, Divination and Ancestral Healing.

Summerlands offers both a thought-provoking testament to the potential results of trauma, grief and identity issues as well as a practical guide to the evolutionary process of consciousness via our personal cosmology, stories and the planets.