an Author who Explores individual, ancestral and collective ways to transform trauma

Jenny’s series of true accounts talk of encounters with magical people, the ancestors, and power centers in the landscape. Her goal has been to resolve areas of frozen, trauma so they can up-date and evolve.

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We all carry an emotional inheritance. Each family has dark secrets. For seven years, Jenny recorded her individual, ancestral and collective experiences. Her memoir tracks these trauma patterns over time and through a set of interlinked stories.

There is a subtle change when a person resonates with A trauma pattern. Some can sense it but not all.

Jenny can feel the energetic points within a story. Perhaps this skill comes from her 35 years of listening to client anecdotes or maybe it is connected to her childhood trauma.

Author Back Catalogue

The Journey So Far

Two White Feathers and a handful of Rocks

Book One

Jenny’s account of her South and Central American pilgrimage includes descriptions of healings to help overcome childhood trauma.

Apu suddenly said, ‘When I look at you, I see someone who fluctuates between a beautiful and powerful woman and a young child.’

Enchanted Beings

Book Two

Jenny interviews eight extraordinary people to explore the dynamics of ‘real’ change using immersive experiences.

‘On my quest for knowledge I found answers to hidden problems, and sudden changes and closures occurred. It was not easy.’


Book Three

Jenny investigates each of the astrological signs and giant effigies of the Glastonbury Zodiac and her own story around grief and loss emerges.

‘Beheading, like that of the Green Knight, is a time when severance enters our life – when the hypnotic trance of our conditioning is incised.’

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Do you have a personal interest in the collective nervous system? Jenny writes true accounts of her fascinating experiences in the individual, ancestral, and collective trauma landscape. A track record of ‘lived’ casework and field trips allows her a unique perspective.

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