Jenny Chapman

Jenny Chapman


an author who has taken a series of unconventional pathways to transform complex trauma

Her choices have led to encounters with magical people and directions to visit exact locations – in the psyche, this world and the spirit realms.

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An investigation into trauma re-enactments using song and ancestral experiences to heal the self.

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There is a subtle change in resonance as a person enters into an old trauma pattern. Some can sense it but not all.

Jenny can hear the energetic points within a person’s story. Perhaps she was born this way or it was the result of childhood trauma or from the years of listening to client stories or maybe it comes from her shamanic practice.

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The Journey So Far

Two White Feathers and a handful of Rocks

Book One

A South and Central American pilgrimage guided by a Peruvian shaman. This travel narrative includes healing techniques for complex trauma.

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Apu suddenly said, ‘When I look at you, I see someone who fluctuates between a beautiful and powerful woman and a young child.’

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Enchanted Beings

Book Two

A trip around the Celtic Wheel of the Year starting in Samhain. This set of practitioner interviews explores change through the embodiment of immersive experiences.

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‘On my quest for knowledge I found answers to hidden problems, and sudden changes and closures occurred. It was not easy.’

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Book Three

A tour through the twelve astrological signs of the Glastonbury Zodiac. This story based on myth and legend allows the author to navigate narrative memories around grief.

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‘Beheading, like that of the Green Knight, is a time when severance enters our life – when the hypnotic trance of our conditioning is incised.’

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More About the Author

“A desperate search for authenticity or an act of deep compassion?”

This author investigates the ancestral trauma patterns which lay behind her re-enactment journey.

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