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A bold, vibrant and intriguing tale about trauma release. Author, Jenny Chapman, uses story, myth and legend to help navigate her psyche, release old memories and re-wire her brain...

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During the last few years, I have had the privilege of working with some fabulous practitioners – shamanic healing, ceremony & ritual, equine facilitated learning, play therapy, bodywork, Sweat Lodge… Many have become friends and colleagues.

We work in a variety of ways. You can work with us to help resolve old issues, to honour your ancestors, celebrate success, find gifts and talents or maybe as a part of a bespoke project, piece of research or overseas trip.

Currently, I am concentrating most of my energies on writing and my healing apprenticeship along with lineage and trans-generational trauma, repair work.

Jenny Chapman

Jenny is the author of the Two White Feathers trilogy and related articles published in Watkins Mind Body Spirit and Kindred Spirit. In her professional life she designed an under-graduate and post-graduate training course in vocational rehabilitation, for University of Derby Corporate, developed ‘best practice’ manuals for the Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service and Rehabilitation Network and contributed towards successful funding submissions for the Australian Quadriplegic Association and multiple European organisations - government departments, charitable and private companies - bidding for Leonardo da Vinci project and transfer of innovation work. She co-wrote a chapter in Tolley’s Guide to Employee Rehabilitation along with numerous published articles and research papers.

Jenny has thirty-five years, experience of vocational rehabilitation gained in Australia and the UK. Her work involved the assessment and case management of people who had suffered illness, injury or accident to assist their return to work. She worked as an Open University tutor, lectured at Masters’ level for City University and completed HE student, disability assessments in South West England and Northern Ireland. Jenny holds post-graduate qualifications in health promotion, stress management and teaching and learning design and an IoD certificate in Company Direction.

In 2010, Jenny commenced her training in energy work and shamanic healing techniques. She holds an advanced practitioner certificate in healing and the shamanic arts and certificates in equine facilitated therapy and shamanic journeying. Jenny has attended comprehensive trainings in sound healing, EFT and matrix reprinting, curse and entity removal, dowsing, storytelling, play therapy and wild food foraging. In early 2017, she commenced a three-year apprenticeship training in rune divination, magic and healing, with a master in the northern mysteries. Whilst in 2019, she spent the summer assisting a master of the western mysteries with ritual magic, to heal her own ancestors and the recently departed.


Our blog contains

  • Other people’s opinions of our books, articles and written work.
  • Case studies and testimonials from some of the healing and ceremonial work we’ve been involved in.
  • Write-up’s about the talks we’ve heard, interesting places we’ve visited or our diary engagements.
We hope you enjoy!

  • I felt sure the old woman had once lived within the four walls of my cottage, and that her feet had trodden the same flagstone floors I now stood upon. That day, she was merely going about her daily chores as if she still lived here. But was she friend or foe? She could be a disincarnate spirit who wished to express herself through influencing, obsessing on or possessing another human being. Someone who had left this world in a confused state – maybe because of trauma or an accident – and was unaware of her transition, unconscious of passing into another way of being. Or perhaps she was the type of spirit who could act as my guide or protector. An ally living in the other worlds. 

    Somehow, I had entered a mysterious web of re-experienced patterns woven from the past. But how could this be? 

  • Later, the sound of Tim’s gentle voice guided me to the background of rhythmic drumbeats. As I entered a shamanic trance or a receptive state where I could access sensory metaphors, I saw a reclining panda with a protruding belly dressed in a tiara adorned with long veils, nets or gauze. This animal means peace and gentle strength. However, its shadow side involves trying to help too many people, doing too many things at once, being overly sensitive and easily stressed. The panda has an unstoppable determination and can provide powerful support that is until it becomes overwhelmed and exhausted. It all sounded familiar. This panda had come in to help me, as a sick child, to gain acceptance and heal a trauma. Now it was no longer necessary and had become counterproductive. It needed to be removed.

  • It was the first anniversary of Kevin’s passing and I had asked Chrysoula and her young cousin Thodwris to be at a church – any church – at noon, to light this candle. Twelve o’clock midday was the time they turned Kevin’s hospital machines off. We drove up to the remote Greek church of Agioi Anargyroi with only a few minutes to spare. Set high above the Monemvasia shoreline and tucked into a perpendicular rock face, this little church is famous for two healers, the Holy Apostles, who were sainted for the miracles they performed and for curing the incurable without profit. It seemed appropriate.

  • I feel I could recommend your writing to my future clients.

  • I would advise my students to read Summerlands for a clearer understanding of transits. When it is our time to do shadow work, universal forces assist us in magical ways, not easily explained in language, yet you have done just that.

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The Two White Feathers trilogy chronicles a woman’s journey through trauma release. Aged 18-months, Jenny is hospitalised with Stills Disease. On discharge she is 'kept of her feet' for a further two years. Her nervous system is left in a state of inner chaos.

Fifty years later she decides to explore solutions – using pilgrimage, the eight Celtic festivals and an initiation circuit as her guides. The trilogy records her 'lived' experience through ancient ceremonies, shamanic journeying and the Arthurian legends. Finally, she finds a connection with nature. Her own nature.

Two White Feathers
A pilgrimage through South and Central America to unravel the ancient secrets of the Earth. Jenny travels with a Peruvian shaman, to receive personal healing and insights. Together they activate the seven 'feminine' Earth chakras, finishing with a sacred ceremony in Teotihuacan. [Learn More]
Enchanted Beings
A trip around the pagan wheel of the year to reveal how eight practitioners connect ancient festivals with their contemporary practice. Jenny's life and work is informed by a series of bards, sorcerers, shaman and witches and their unique, open-minded and rigorous approach to healing. [Learn More]
A personal journey around the Glastonbury Zodiac - variously called the Underworld, an initiation circuit or the Garden of Eden. Jenny uses story, myth and legend to help navigate her psyche, release old memories and re-wire her brain. Her challenge is to connect with an ancient race called the Tuatha Dé Danann and enable a bridge to be built across different levels of consciousness, for guidance and healing. [Learn More]

Two White Feathers

Jenny Chapman's remarkable book, Two White Feathers and a Handful of Rocks takes you on a mystical journey from Argentina to Mexico to activate the feminine energy centres of Pachamama (Mother Earth). For months she travels with a Peruvian shaman, exploring his life, healing techniques and heart-based ways of living en route.

As she benefits from Apu's energy medicine techniques Jenny begins to understand how to heal herself and others. Important secrets are revealed on their visits to Aconcagua, the seat of Kundalini energy, the sacred waters of Lake Titicaca, Qosqo where once Sapa Incas could heal with one touch and at Chavin de Huantar, the heart ch’ama. Their travels take them to the higher chakra realms of Putumayo, Colombia and Chichen Itza and Teotihuacan in Mexico where Apu's mastery becomes even more revealing.

Enchanted Beings

In this, the second instalment in her Two White Feathers trilogy, practitioner Jenny Chapman takes us on a trip around the pagan wheel of the year, as eight contemporary practitioners reveal how key festival times - Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh and Mabon - connect with their practice. The resulting interviews are testament to an alternative way of viewing the world, and different ways of harnessing energy.

And what practitioners they are! 'A series of bards, hags, shrews, soothsayers, sorcerers, shamans and witches - call them what you will - came to my aid,' writes Jenny, and whether using horses with prisoners, forging power tools with a magical smith or seeking communion with the Yew tree, her interviewees prove both unique and linked in the open-mindedness and rigor of their approach.


In the final instalment of her well-received Two White Feathers trilogy, Jenny Chapman describes a personal journey around the landscape of the Glastonbury Zodiac. Starting at the Girt Dog of Langport and reaching to Burrow Mump, she immerses herself in each of the astrological signs and their giant effigies imprinted on the Somerset landscape. The resulting story is a fascinating insight into how to heal childhood trauma and grief, and the need to move beyond them and communicate with the spirit worlds.

As she attempts to unravel the mysteries of King Arthur’s round table and her own psyche, Jenny encounters the Underworld where lie the demons of her past. It takes the guidance of an enigmatic storyteller to lead her through to new knowledge and wisdom – encountering the Tuatha Dé Danann, an ancient fairy race, the Irish sea-God Manannán mac Lir, the Cetus whale and Merlin’s dragons. Dogged by her alter-ego Angela, she reckons with her feelings for the mystical Graham.

Excerpts - Two White Feathers

"I loved Apu’s energy from the start. He was compassionate, kind and almost empty, invisible; but he could be blunt, verging on outright rude at times. In other words, he was my kind of person, telling it like it is. Or, as the Australians say, he called a spade a spade. ‘I will do whatever is necessary to get you to shift, learn and move on in life,’ he told me on the road and he was true to his word."

Excerpts - Enchanted Beings

The wheel forms the centre of shamanic cosmology. It can encompass many levels of meaning - natural events, myth, our journey from birth to death - and encourages a holistic world-view. Its integral energies, often seen as a process of endings and beginnings, can unlock different forces within us which in turn alter our perception.

Excerpts - Summerlands

David, a local cunning man, and I, set off on our circular tour through the Glastonbury zodiac effigies on the day of a total solar eclipse in Leo. It was 21st August 2017. At that time, I didn’t realise eclipses are the time for shadow work and setting new patterns.

Past Projects

Under the auspices of Jenny’s company, Rehabilitation Network (2004 – 2019), she was involved in European projects, transferring best practice in vocational rehabilitation and training design to partner organisations in Austria, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Italy, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey. Rehabilitation Network also gave sponsorship monies to help establish two medical / healing centres – one at Lake Titicaca, Peru and the other in rural Nepal. Here are the descriptions and related materials for those projects.

Enchanted Beings land campaign

All profit earned from the publication of Enchanted Beings will be donated towards the purchase of a plot of land. The author has a vision of 25 acres of wild food, forest and clean water where a community of like-minded practitioners can live and undertake workshops, healings and teachings.