Jenny Chapman

Jenny Chapman


a series of true accounts which track the resolution of complex trauma

Written for practitioners and trauma survivors

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An in-depth journal which investigates complex trauma.

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Jenny chapman is a published author and rehab practitioner who experienced childhood trauma.

She set up a UK-wide insurer-focused vocational rehab business, lectured at Master’s level and worked alongside Australian and European charities, government departments and learning institutions.

Author Back Catalogue

The Journey So Far

Two White Feathers and a handful of Rocks

Book One

A beguiling travel narrative. Jenny Chapman benefits from a Peruvian shaman’s diagnosis and commentary on her re-enactments.

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Apu suddenly said, ‘When I look at you, I see someone who fluctuates between a beautiful and powerful woman and a young child.’

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Enchanted Beings

Book Two

A set of practitioner interviews. Jenny Chapman explores immersive experiences to embody needful change.

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‘On my quest for knowledge I found answers to hidden problems, and sudden changes and closures occurred. It was not easy.’

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Book Three

A deeply personal story. Jenny Chapman uses myth and legend to navigate her grief-stricken psyche.

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‘Beheading, like that of the Green Knight, is a time when severance enters our life – when the hypnotic trance of our conditioning is incised.’

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More About the Author

“A desperate search for authenticity or an act of deep compassion?”

This author investigates the motivations which lay behind her life-long re-enactment journey.

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