Aunt George

The Journey So Far

Book Four

This set of interconnected case studies tracks inter-generational trauma patterns over time. The mix of individual, ancestral and collective trauma-related casework provide insights into the human mind and how the spirit worlds work.

Jenny Chapman recounts stories of family members and ancestors to show how emotive experiences become stuck and are passed down a lineage. Some stories are entwined in historical sagas like the Scottish witch trials or the Battle of Sedgemoor, 1685. In others, a legacy was created by the loss of a love in the Great War, or a curse placed on a family member by a jealous employee. In some way or another, all of these potent stories are acted out again and again – with a different cast and setting – until they are resolved.

The author uses her professional and shamanic training along with the advice of people well-versed in trauma or how the spirit worlds work to attempt a range of healings. This might be an elixir to lift the veil of deep sadness from a property, dowsing to identify the exact nature of loss of financial independence, connection with a spirit guide, Aunt George, to shed light on a recurring inheritance issue that may have started as early as 1296 or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) to work through an inherited pattern of exile.

We all carry an emotional inheritance. Each family has dark secrets. In an attempt to fully resolve her trauma imprints, Jenny felt the need to work with her ancestors and the collective. These twenty-plus case stories tell individual stories that are connected in some way to her own.