Please join us on 2nd September 2022 for work with a ceremonialist and a psychopomp to honour the ancestors involved in the Battle of Sedgemoor and Bloody Assizes, 1685.

This is shamanic work to raise the dead. In Greek mythology, a psychopomp guides souls to the place of the dead. They help souls transcend to the light if they are stuck in our everyday reality.

Thomas Hubl tells us. ‘To assist its repair, we must choose to acknowledge to witness and to thereby feel together, what has actually occurred, even the most horrific details.

Related work included:

  • A trip to Winchester, where the trials started on 25 August 1685. Here we remembered Dame Alice Lyle who was beheaded for harbouring battle fugitives.
  • A visit to Burnham-on-Sea and Thorngrove (9th September 2022) and the home of my 5th great grand-mother and grand-father. They likely carried inter-generational trauma related to the battle and its aftermath.

Date & Time

2nd, september 2022

10:00am – 13:00pm

Date & Time

Weston Zoyland (battle site)

United Kingdom

More Details

  • Event Price – Free

  • Places Available – 5

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There are different types of battle re-enactments. The Sealed Knot – oldest re-enactment society in the UK – brings history to life by staging events throughout the country. Its aims are ‘not to glorify war, but to honour those that died in the many battles of the English Civil War’. Shakespeare recreated famous British battles in his historic plays to put on stage. Much as Bryan Doerries produces performances of Greek tragedies for ‘soldiers returned from conflict, addicts, prison communities, victims of natural disasters, and other vulnerable people’. He says, ‘the plays reveal something timeless and profound about the experience of war’.