Please join me on 21st – 22nd February 2023 in Scotland to visit the MacGregor ancestral lands of Glenstrae, Glenlochy, Glen Lyon and Glen Orchy.

This trip is to research the ancestral lands associated with my McAdam lineage.

Related trips include:

  • Flushing in Cornwall, 26th June 2023 to locate and visit Flushing property.
  • Falmouth in Cornwall, 24th April 2023 to make local contacts and find Flushing address.
  • Bristol, 24th May 2023 to visit residences in Berkeley Square and Sion Hill along with John Loudon McAdam’s office sites in Park Street and Small Street. Also, a visit to Bristol Cathedral to view a plaque in memory of my 4th Great Grandmother, Gloriana Margaretta McAdam who was buried on 17th February 1825, aged 65.

Date & Time

21st – 22nd, january 2023

11:00am – 13:00pm

Date & Time

Oban, Scotland

United Kingdom

More Details

  • Event Price – Free

  • Places Available – 5

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I counted John Loudon McAdam, the inventor of the greatest advance in road construction since Roman times, among my ancestors. Their line came down from the 9th century King Alpin, was entitled to wear the clan crest, a crowned lion’s head, and lived by the motto ‘S Rioghal Mo Dhream’, Gaelic for "Royal Is My Race". They once held the lands of Glenstrae, Glenlochy, Glen Lyon and Glen Orchy, to the west and north of Loch Lomond but clan McGregor lost their lands by ‘legal manipulation’. When outlawed under James’s 2nd of Scotland (1430 – 1460), Adam, a grandson of the chief Gregor McGregor, settled in the lowlands and changed his name to McAdam. The efforts of his descendant, John McAdam, contributed to a network of mail-coach communication and prepared the way for a railway system.