Beyond Time was published in Watkins Mind, Body, Spirit online magazine in September 2020.


Some people have ‘a feeling of disconnection from one’s identity’ or an estrangement from one’s self. De-personalisation is typically related to individuals who have experienced a severe trauma or prolonged stress/anxiety and is the third most common psychological symptom, after feelings of anxiety and feelings of depression.

In more extreme cases de-personalisation or de-realisation are considered to be part of a dissociative disorder. However, in mediumship training this ability or character trait – of being able to enter into someone or them enter into you – is considered a key to effective practice. Whilst to operate in the ‘now’ – not the past or the future – is a key tenet of meditative practices throughout the world.

But, what became of the ancestor spirit of that old lady, bent over and wearing a soiled apron?’

Was she the soul or spirit of a dead person who appeared to the living? Or an external reflection of myself and of my life at the time, as these programmes only exist in relationship?

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