Into Presence: Re-balancing through Symbols was published in Watkins Mind, Body, Spirit in August 2020.

Into Presence: Rebalancing through Symbols – Watkins MIND BODY SPIRIT Magazine (

The shamanic journey work in this article was conducted by Tim Raven. To learn more about his work please look here.

Why Symbols can be Important

Symbols enable complex communication to carry meaning and reveal what the psyche is trying to keep hidden. They help us to understand and explore our internal world. When a shamanic journey is conducted to access other realms of consciousness or levels of reality a person usually obtains higher guidance, often through symbolic language. In these journey’s a power animal or messenger from the world of spirit may show up in the awareness, as a teacher or guide.

Images of animals embody their strengths and attributes but also their shadow aspect. Old memories and unresolved emotions can be lodged at a misty or concealed level. The animals can help us to interpret these issues: tell us what they are. For example the shadow aspect of a Panda is, trying to help too many people, doing too many things at once, being overly sensitive and becoming easily stressed. You may know this as ‘people pleasing’. On a metaphysical level this is caused by lack of synchronicity between heart and head or an inconsistency between what is really wanted and a fear of expressing those needs.

‘This panda had come in to help me, as a sick child, to gain acceptance and heal a trauma. Now it was no longer necessary and had become counterproductive. It needed to be removed.’

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