Noon Cregg CIC – Veteran’s Retreat.

Trauma, Complex Trauma and PTSD

Last summer, I visited Noon Cregg veteran’s retreat near Lamorna in Cornwall. I was entranced by Badger’s presence along with the stone cottage, low-impact, fully self sufficient retreat and Merry Maiden’s stone circle.

Noon Cregg is a non profit organisation. They aim to help all veterans, from all services. ‘No matter how you served or who you served with. Readjust to civilian life the natural way.’ They also have great plans – to build traditional free standing log cabins, a natural pool, half an acre of organic vegetables, 180 apple trees along with pigs, goats and chicken. In the meantime, they have teamed up with other local charitable organisations to provide all kinds of help and assistance for veteran’s particularly those suffering with PTSD, trauma and complex trauma.

I was only there for a couple of days but those few hours made a great difference.

Here’s the website link Noon Cregg CIC Veteran’s Retreat and one for their current funding campaign

Trauma Work

Noon Cregg offers, ‘Archery, Art, wood craft, leather craft, rope work, rock climbing, walking I’ll train you up in the lost art of Stone walling, traditional log cabin building. Metal detecting. Fishing, diving, snorkelling, spear fishing, bird watching, astronomy, foraging getting back to nature’s natural medicines we take for granted. We’ll be making our own apple juices and grape juices. Tending the organic vegetables as we as getting out into the community helping the elderly population in the area.. and so much more. If none of the above takes your fancy, you can just chill in one of our hammocks and take in the peace and quiet.’

However, the benefit I received was unexpected.

Old academic papers on ‘shell shock’ suggest obsession or possession by spirits of dead soldiers, unconscious of their transition, as the exciting cause. It was this spirit attachment release work which helped me most. That, and the comraderie! I have not been a soldier but have been in relationship with several men who were. Their stuff seeps into your bones! Badger was so wonderful. It was great to have somebody else who truly understood. No judgement, just deep listening.

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